Bass of the Week: Stradi Symphony Stone Bass

A lot of times, basses with exotic burl tops look like they are made out of marble. The Stradi Symphony Stone Bass is a step in that direction. In addition to its unique singlecut body shape, this particular bass is built with a cedar body topped with a thin layer of natural stone. The result is stunning.

The bass’s five-piece neck is made of book matched, flamed Acajou (African mahogany), smoked oak, and flamed maple. The neck is also reinforced by carbon fiber tubes. “The ziricote compound radius fingerboard contains titanium frets that have been pre-shaped before installation,” luthier Marek Dabek writes. “This is very time and labor consuming process (around an hour per one fret) but pays off with extraordinary comfort for the left hand of the player.”

Electronics include a Delano Jazz pickup in a wood stone cover paired with piezo pickups in the bridge. They can be blended or used in stereo if a stereo cable is plugged into the bass. Check out bassist Marcin Pendowski giving the Symphony Stone a sound check:

Stradi Symphony Stone Bass Specs:

Top:Natural Stone
Neck:Flamed Acajou, Smoked Oak, Flamed Maple (Carbon Fiber Reinforced)
Fingerboard Radius:10″ to 20″ Compound
Pickups:Delano Humcancelling Jazz Style, Piezos in Bridge
Bridge:Ziricote and Brass

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