Yes with Geddy Lee: Roundabout, Live

There were rumors flying for the past month that Rush bassist Geddy Lee would be filling in for the late Chris Squire at Yes’s induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Luckily, the rumors were true.

Though this fan-shot clip is a little muddy, it captures the historic moment and its excitement. Lee told the press that learning Squire’s bass parts was a real task. “At first, [it was] difficult. After a while, difficult,” he said. “They’re a very precise band. Chris Squire was one of the most inventive-sounding bass players ever. So to play his parts… I mean, it’s one thing to mimic his parts — you can mimic anything if you practice it — but to write those parts is sheer brilliance. It was a great honor for me to step in.“

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