Reader Spotlight: Franziska Plueckhan

Franziska Plueckhan

Meet Franziska Plueckhan (aka Sissip), a bassist who has traveled the world, and covers the musical spectrum from solo bass and vocals to studio work, to top 40. Franziska says she got her start on bass due to the size of her hands and has been playing ever since.

She’s this week’s No Treble reader in the spotlight. Here’s her story…


I’m a 1987 born freelance bassist, singer, and producer. I grew up in the USA, China, and Singapore before moving back to Germany, where I studied jazz and pop music (bass and vocal major). The music I make as a solo artist usually ends up being experimental pop, but recently, I released my first album “Sissip (Songs for Voice and Bass Guitar)” on my own label – eight singer/songwriter-style songs made from nothing but vocals and bass, obviously. I needed to do that because that’s how I started off making music.



Day gig:

25% being a musician, 75% office work.

Years experience:

Since 2001.

Bands & Gigs:

I play a lot of top 40 jobs, mostly in all girl bands – they get the best pay. Every once in a while I do studio gigs. I actually play bass on one of the songs on Peter Doherty’s latest album. Mental Bend is my band, where I sing, play synths and bass and do a lot of live looping with Ableton, since we’re only two people in the band. And then there’s Sissip, only me. Here I play whatever I feel like playing. That keeps me from going crazy sometimes.


  • Lakland 55-94 DLX
  • Human Base BaseX
  • Yamaha SLB 200
  • Markbass

Why I play the bass:

When our school musical was missing a bass player, I had the largest hands out of everyone in the overflowing guitar section, so I got the job. I’ve been a bass player ever since.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I can play and sing “Ain’t Nobody” at the same time

My influences

James Jamerson, Pino Palladino, Esperanza Spalding and Nik West.

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