Fuzzrocious Pedals Now Shipping Blast Furnace Fuzz Pedal

Fuzzrocious Pedals Blast Furnace PedalOne of the coolest new pedals we saw at NAMM this year was the Fuzzrocious Blast Furnace, an original gated fuzz circuit with a short-timed delay. The pedal, which is a collaboration with Lehigh Mining & Navigation, is now available.

“Blast Furnace expands the sound possibilities by adding a short-timed delay (via the left momentary footswitch),” a press release explains. “When activated, and depending on where the repeats pot is set, the user can add anything from one repeat to swirling, destructive oscillation. When the player removes their foot from the left footswitch, the delay drops out. Users can accentuate the sound by adding some texture to the fuzz.”

The pedal also has trimpots to adjust the delay time and the stock tone setting. A switch lets you toggle over to a “heavy, semi-mid scooped sound that excels with chords and chugs.”

Get a load of the pedal in this demo by Fuzzrocious founder Ryan Ratajski and Stephen Brodsky:

The Fuzzrocious Pedals Blast Furnace is available now from Chicago Music Exchange for $180 for screen-printed versions and $200 for hand-painted, limited-edition versions.

Fuzzrocious Pedals Blast Furnace Pedal Specs:

Original Gated Fuzz Circuit
Short-timed Delay Momentary Footswitch
Internal Tone Trimpot
Delay Time Trimpot
Collaboration with Lehigh Mining & Navigation

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