Groove – Episode #29: Chuck Rainey

Chuck Rainey

Photo by Taro Yoshida

How does one concisely (and intelligently) write something meaningful about an artist like Chuck Rainey? It’s easy to say that Chuck is an American bassist who was born in Cleveland, Ohio and went on to play with artists like Aretha Franklin, Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5, Quincy Jones, etc… He’s so much more than that, to those who love the electric bass.

Chuck is one of the top recorded and most respected bassists in the history music. The sixties, the seventies, the eighties, the nineties… and now. He is still going. He wrote and taught the first bass course curriculums for The Musician’s Institute/B.I.T., his columns in Guitar Player and Bass Player Magazine in the ’70s are legendary. If he had not done all of that (and much more) but was just known as the author of The Complete Electric Bass Player (multi-volume set) books, that – in and of itself – would be enough.

He is a living legend, a national treasure and a true ambassador of the electric bass.

Enjoy the conversation…

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  1. Jerry Bone

    Can’t express enough how wonderful and valuable these podcasts are to the listener..