Bass of the Week: Stellart Guitars Nemesis

Stellart Guitars Nemesis Bass Body

Bass builder Stephan Mongeon sent me some photos of his latest build and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. The Stellart Guitars Nemesis is a six-string neck-through semi-hollow fretless bass. Judging by these pictures, it’s a work of art, too.

Mongeon builds basses with his wife, Ella, in Quebec where they’ve been honing their craft for almost 10 years. The Nemesis seems to be the culmination of their efforts with a dazzling array of beautiful woods with intricate patterns matched to an equally colorful tonal palette. Its body is built with a laminated core of maple, padauk, and purple heart with padauk pinstripes for the core. The top is a stunning single pice of claro walnut, while the back cap is book matched cocobolo. The neck is an equally complex sandwich of purple heart, black Gabon ebony, and padauk with maple pinstripe veneers and extra maple, wenge, and padauk laminated longitudinally. Its snakewood fingerboard is bound with black Gabon ebony and inlaid with mother of pearl dots. Snakewood also adorns the instrument’s headstock.

Stellart opted for a piezo and magnetic pickup mix with an RMC piezo in the black Gabon ebony bridge and a Delano Xtender 6 situated near the bridge. The electronics include an F Bass EQ with a 3-position selector switch for the Delano to toggle between rear single coil, parallel, and front single coil operation. Another 3-position switch allows for utilizing the Delano, the piezo, or both pickups at the same time. The piezo has its own volume and tone controls. Taking it even further, the Nemesis has dual output jacks for different output options for the pickups.

The Nemesis is the first bass I’ve seen from Stellart, but I’m ready to see some more.

Stellart Nemesis 6-String Neck Through Semi-Hollow Fretless Bass Specs:

Scale length:34″
Body wood:Laminated Maple/Padaouk/Purple Heart with Maple and Padaouk pinstripes
Back wood:Bookmatched Cocobolo with continuous control cover
Front wood:Single piece Claro Walnut
Through Neck Wood:Purple Heart/Black Gabon Ebony/Padaouk with Maple pinstripes veneers with extra Maple/Wenge/Padouk laminated longitudinally
Fretboard Binding:Black Gabon Ebony
Inlays:Mother of Pearl Side and Top Dots
Headstock:Snakewood headstock top veneer with Maple/Padaouk/Maple laminated under
Bridge:Hand crafted Black Gabon Ebony Bridge with saddle slots oriented along the string direction.
String Saddles:Black Gabon Ebony saddles with
Pickups:“Richard McClish (RMC)” piezo, Delano Xtender 6
Electronics:3 band “F Bass” EQ and Volume, 3 position selector switch for Mag Pickup “Single coil (rear)/Parallel/Single coil (front), 3 position selector switch for Mag/Both/Piezo, Piezo Volume and Tone control
Dual Jack Output:Output 1: Mag/Both/Piezo or Output 2: Mag Only, When both Jacks are used - Output 1: Piezo Only or Output 2: Mag Only

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