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Chowny Bass Introduces the Fuzzster Bass Fuzz Pedal

Chowny Fuzzster Bass Fuzz PedalChowny Bass has gotten into the pedal world with their new Fuzzster bass fuzz. The stompbox offers Fuzz, Tone, Sustain, and Clean controls for dialing in your tone.

It runs on a 9-volt power adapter and features a blue LED ring around the footswitch to indicate when it is active. Blue dot lights on each knob also visualize how the pedal is set.

The Chowny Fuzzster bass fuzz is available now with a direct price of $69.66.

Check out this walkthrough with bassist Scott Whitley:

Chowny Fuzzster Bass Fuzz Pedal Specs:

9V DC Adapter Power
Fuzz, Tone, Sustain, Clean Knobs
Blue LED Mode Indicator

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