David Crosby: She’s Got To Be Somewhere

I really enjoyed Kevin’s recent interview with Mai Agan. Among the topics they discussed was her work with the legendary David Crosby.

“Croz is on fire! I mean, he is singing really really good. He is a happy man, and you can hear it in his music,” she said. “On Sky Trails there are songs that he has co-written with his son, James Raymond, Becca Stevens, Michael McDonald and myself. What I admire about Croz is that he doesn’t stand still. He is constantly moving, wanting to get better, writing songs, looking for new sounds. He’s more alive than ever. Yeah, it’s a great record, and I’m really happy to play on it.”

Now we can get a listen for ourselves. Croz and the band performed on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently, and he’s definitely nailed the “new sound.” This tune, “She’s Got To Be Somewhere” has a great Steely Dan-like vibe.

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