Mai Leisz: Skies Above Salkantay

Mai Leisz has just released a fantastic new single called “Skies Above Salkantay,” which features guitarist Mike Landau, drummer Gary Novak, and her husband Greg Leisz on pedal steel and guitar. The track is accompanied by a beautiful music video.

“‘Skies Above Salkantay’ is a song which I wrote with my husband Greg Leisz after our trip to Peru last fall,” she shares. “Our 3-week vacation was my birthday present to Greg since I knew he had been dreaming about seeing Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world. So I made it happen… and this song is inspired by the magic we saw, felt and experienced on our 4-day hike over the Peruvian highlands, cloud forests and tropical Amazon jungle to Machu Picchu.”

Close your eyes and you can imagine you’re there, but then you’d miss all the great clips of the band recording in the studio.

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  1. I love her playing… subtle, simple until her lead. beautiful!