GHS Announces BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers

GHS BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers StringsIf you like things nice and low, GHS has you covered with their latest set of Bass Boomers. The new four-string sets are designed for BEAD tuning and described as having “deep low end with a midrange crunch that cuts through a band mix.”

The BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers come in three gauges – Medium Light, Medium, and Heavy – and have a 37.25-inch winding length. As with the rest of the Boomers series, the new strings are roundwounds made with nickel-plated steel. The lower tuning means they have larger gauges than typical four-string sets, and GHS offers a warning not to attempt tuning them up to standard tuning.

The GHS BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers are available now for $22.95.

GHS BEAD Tuned Bass Boomers Strings Features:

RoundwoundNickel Plated Steel
37.25″ WindingGauges: Medium Light (.060-.126), Medium (.065-.130), Heavy (.070-.140)

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