TC Electronic Announces the Sub ‘N’ Up Mini Octaver

TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Mini Octaver PedalAfter introducing the Sub ‘N’ Up octaver last year, TC Electronic has announced a new mini version of the pedal. The Sub ‘N’ Up Mini retains the same tonal characteristics of its big brother while stripping it down to the bone for a small footprint.

The pedal has Dry mix, Sub octave, and Up octave knobs. It is also Toneprint-enabled, which allows users to change the pedal’s tone with the TonePrint app from their smart phone. “Using the free TonePrint app, you can easily switch between hi-fi Polyphonic and old school Monophonic modes for easy access to all of the tones available in the full-size Sub ‘N’ Up,” TC Electronic writes. “TonePrint also gives you access to a wealth of wobbly modulations, allowing you to get gospel organ tones or wacky synth vibes through TC Electronic’s own presets.”

The TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Mini is shipping this month with a street price of $99.99.

TC Electronic Sub ‘N’ Up Mini Octaver Pedal Features:

Next generation octave-engine
Classic monophonic octaver
TonePrint Editor w. Modulation
TonePrint enabled
True Bypass
Ultra-compact design
High quality components
Road-ready design

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