YYNOT: Kingdom Come (Tim Starace’s Isolated Bass)

YYNOT’s Tim Starace is often asked how he gets his tone on the tracks he records with the band.

In this isolated bass clip, Tim’s decided to showcase his monster tone – and provide the details on how he gets it. This is from YYNOT’s original, “Kingdom Come.”

As for his set up, here’s what Tim shared:

  • CIJ Geddy Jazz
  • EMG JVX pickups
  • D’Addario Nickel Strings
  • EBS MultiComp
  • SansAmp RBI

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  1. mike Rogers

    Where are the provided details on how he gets his tone?

    • Tim uses a lot of Tech21nyc gear. They make amazing sans amps, including some Geddy Lee models. I believe he actually works with Tech 21 now. I use their dUg Pinnick pedal (dp-3x). Killer company.

      • Butch

        My SansAmp DI is around 25 years old. It’s been around the world quite a few times, as it’s previous owner is none other than Derek Boyer of Suffocation. I do not and will not play without it if I can help it, and after all this time..it still delivers any tone I desire!