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Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in August 2017

August was an exciting month for new bass gear, as evident by all the traffic this news generated.

Here are the top 10 most popular bass gear stories for the month of August 2017. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing.

Sire Guitars Unveils Marcus Miller P7 and V9 Basses

1. Sire Guitars Marcus Miller P7 and V9 Basses

The popular Marcus Miller line of basses by Sire Guitars is growing this year with two new models: the P7 and the V9. The P7 is the company’s first P-style bass, while the V9 adds a solid maple top and quilted veneer to the V7 model…

Supro Unveils the Huntington Bass

2. Supro Huntington Bass

Supro has announced the Huntington Bass, a retro model that comes in single, double, or triple pickup configurations. The short-scale bass takes the body shape of an early ’60s Ozark model with the passive electronics and sound design of the equally vintage Supro Pocket Bass…

Willcox Guitars Unveils USA Custom Shop Saber Bass

3. Willcox Guitars USA Custom Shop Saber Bass

Willcox Guitars has expanded their lineup with a USA Custom Shop series. The full-service shop allows players to pick out their own tonewoods, tops, finishes, and hardware. The first custom shop Willcox instrument is the USA Saber Bass, which is available for order now in four, five, and six-string versions…

Verellen Amps Unveils the Meatflip Flip-Top Bass Combo Amp

4. Verellen Amps Meatflip Flip-Top Bass Combo Amp

Ben Verellen of Verellen Amps has shared his latest creation called the Meatflip. Designed as a custom build for a customer, the 100-watt amp puts the company’s flagship Meatsmoke preamp into a flip top bass combo. Now Verellen will offer the design in a small production run…

Ibanez Unveils 2nd Edition of 30th Anniversary SR Series Basses

5. Ibanez 2nd Edition of 30th Anniversary SR Series Basses

Ibanez is celebrating the 30th anniversary of their SR Series with some limited edition basses. After announcing Premium and Standard versions earlier this year, they have now announced three new 2nd Edition SR Anniversary basses…

Höfner Introduces the Club Bass 500/2 Double Cut

6. Höfner Club Bass 500/2 Double Cut

Höfner has introduced the Club Bass 500/2 Double Cut, a model inspired by the original 1965 model. The short-scale, hollow body bass dishes out old school tone with a double cutaway design for easy access to the upper register…

Chowny Bass Unveils the SWB Pro

7. Chowny Bass SWB Pro

Chowny Bass has expanded their lineup with the SWB Pro, an upgraded version of the bass designed with bassist Scott Whitley. While the short-scale model retains many features, there are a handful of updates…

Pure Ampeg Tone. Rugged Pedal Designs

8. Pure Ampeg Tone. Rugged Pedal Designs

There’s nothing like playing through your favorite Ampeg amp. But, there may be gigs where an 8×10 isn’t right. Now, with three different Ampeg pedals available, each delivering something unique, you can always have the tone you want, wherever you are…

Rainger FX Unveils Dwarf Bleep Bass Pedal

9. Rainger FX Dwarf Bleep Bass Pedal

The UK’s Rainger FX has expanded their Dwarf Bass mini-pedal lineup with the Dwarf Bleep Bass. The pedal takes their Dr. Freakenstein Fuzz circuit and enhances it for bass while also adding an 8-bit sound glitching effect from their Dwarf Bleep pedal…

Mu-FX Unveils the Micro-Tron III Envelope Filter

10. Mu-FX Micro-Tron III Envelope Filter

Mu-FX has expanded their pedal line with a new compact pedal. The Micro-Tron III is described as “a compact, convenient, and affordable” version of the classic Musitronics Corp. Mu-Tron III envelope filter, which was originally introduced in the 1972…

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