Dean Markley Unveils Blue Steel Cables

Dean Markley Blue Steel Cables

Dean Markley’s Blue Steel cryogenic treatment has been used on their Blue Steel strings for years. Now they’re applying that to instrument and speaker cables.

“Using our unique process, we cryo treat Blue Steel instrument cables with a quick blast of liquid nitrogen, changing their molecular structure with marvelous results,” the company explains. “We’re talking brighter, more alive, transparent tonal quality across the entire range, so you hear every note crisp, clean and clear.”

The instrument cables will come with right angle or straight connectors in 10, 20, and 30-foot lengths. Speaker cables come in 3 and 6-foot versions, while they will also offer 6-inch patch cables.

The Dean Markley Blue Steel Cables will be available with prices starting at $28.99 for the 10-foot cable.

Dean Markley Blue Steel Cables Features:

10, 20, 30-foot instrument cable lengths
3, 6-foot speaker cable lengths
6-inch patch cables
Hand-soldered, rugged metal connectors for performance reliability
Extra-thick 8-mm-diameter black PVC jacket to reduce handling noise
Flexible construction to alleviate kinking
Cryogenically treated for enhanced tonal transparency

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