Copeland, Cosma, King, and Belew Team Up for Gizmodrome

GizmodromeEarlier this year, we found out about a new project started up by The Police’s Stewart Copeland and keyboardist Vittorio Cosma. As if that duo wasn’t cool enough, they brought in Level 42 bassist Mark King and guitar legend Adrian Belew. Now the quartet has released an album that came together in a burst of inspiration under the name Gizmodrome.

“Vittorio and I have been playing together for years, in Italy, but it got serious when Adrian and Mark joined us for 15 days of wild creativity in a Milan recording studio,” Copeland said. “If you put the right guys together in a rehearsal room, ‘strange things’ definitely happen!”

It’s obvious the band had a fun time making the album, as evidenced in this performance video for “Man in the Mountain”. King delivers a reggae-tinged bass line that gives the song a lilt:

Gizmodrome is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Gizmodrome Track List:

  1. Zombies In The Mall
  2. Stay Ready
  3. Man In The Mountain
  4. Summer’s Coming
  5. Sweet Angels (Rule The World)
  6. Amaka Pipa
  7. Strange Things Happen
  8. Ride Your Life
  9. Zubatta Cheve
  10. Spin This
  11. I Know Too Much
  12. Stark Naked

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