Stuart Clayton: Bass Lick of the Week #1 – Funk Groove

Our friend Stuart Clayton recently made the exciting announcement that he’s kicking off a year-long series entitled “Bass Lick of the Week.” Here’s the first entry in the series, focused on playing a funk groove with a pick.

“Each week I’ll be uploading a new video where I demonstrate an original bass groove – with on-screen notation – then talk you through how to play it,” Stuart shared.

This video is “written in the style of bassists such as Bobby Vega and Cody Wright, both of whom have done a great deal to popularise this style of playing. This line was performed on a Fender Jazz Bass,” Stuart added.

Stuart has also made the resources available – including the backing tracks, full audio files, and notation/TAB on his Bass Line Publishing website (click on “Free Stuff” in the main menu.)

We’re looking forward to seeing this series develop!

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