Bass of the Week: Emiliano Bernal Acoustic/Electric Custom 6-String Bass

Emiliano Bernal Acoustic/Electric Custom 6-String Bass

Bassist Lucas Gonzalez Yancamil shared his incredible six-string bass made by Argentinian luthier Emiliano Bernal, and it’s a show stopper. The acoustic/electric bass was dreamed up by the bassist.

“My aim was to play a bass that has an electric feel with an acoustic flavor,” Yancamil explains. “So I told my specs to bass and guitar builder Emiliano Bernal, from Argentina. He had no trouble doing what I asked, and finally, it was born a couple of months ago. Initially, it had another tailpiece prototype which failed a couple of times and thus doing the brass tailpiece you see in the pics.”

The bass’s body is made with Indian Rosewood back and sides with a gorgeous Cypress Spruce top. Its neck is made from Beechwood and Indian Rosewood, which is topped with a Brazilian Jacarandá fingerboard. Featuring a singlecut shape, the body has a soundhole in the top as well as a larger on the upper side to better hear as you play it. Yancamil and Bernal opted to fit the bass with a Mazzarino humbucker as well as the Fishman Matrix Infinity piezo and preamp system.

Emiliano Bernal Acoustic/Electric Custom 6-String Bass Specs:

Construction:Bolt on with deep cut for upper register access
Body Back and Sides:Indian Rosewood
Top:Cypress Spruce Top
Neck:Beechwood and Indian Rosewood
Neck Profile:D-Shape (Ken Smith alike)
Fingerboard:Brazilian Jacarandá
String spacing:18.2 mm
Fingerboard Radius:16″ / 18″
Headstock:Matching Headstock
Bridge:Brazilian Jacarandá / Brass Bridge
Tailipiece:Cordier / brass - ( as in a double bass, it has kind of endpin into the lower block )
Tuners:Hipshot Ultralight USA machine heads
Pickups:Mazzarino Humbucker Custom Pickup, Fishman Matrix Infinity preamp and underbridge piezo
Other:Soundhole on the upper side for best monitoring, Dunlop Straplock

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