Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig Coming Soon

Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig Pedal

Tech 21 has expanded its lineup of Fly Rig pedals with an acoustic version. The new Acoustic Fly Rig is fitted with the company’s flagship circuitry and supports acoustic stringed instruments as well as guitar and bass.

The compact unit weighs just over 20 ounces and measures 12.5 inches long. It features an all-analog SansAmp preamp with a sweepable, semi-parametric active EQ, independent boost, a compressor, tap tempo delay, dedicated reverb, chromatic tuner, headphone capability, and XLR output. “Other features include a Notch filter, sweepable from 70Hz to 350Hz, a Phase Flip switch to reverse the input of the guitar signal, illuminated mini-controls to show active status, an included power supply and studio-grade, metal footswitches and jacks in an all-metal enclosure,” Tech 21 writes.

The Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig will be shipping in November with a street price of $299.

Tech 21 Acoustic Fly Rig Pedal Features:

SansAmp preamp
Independent Boost
Phase Flip switch
1/4-inch 1megOhm input
XLR?output with ground lift
1/4-inch low impedance output
Headphone button switches the 1/4″ output into headphone mode
Rugged, all-metal housing
Metal footswitches and jacks
Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators
Utilizes included 9V DC power supply, 200mA.

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