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Troy Hughes: Bass Cover of “La Caccia”

With Halloween coming up, we knew bassist Troy Hughes would have something good up his sleeve. An avid mask collector, he donned a special zombie mask to record this bass line and get in the spirit of the season.

“It is a bass-cover of ‘La Caccia’ by Goblin, which features Fabio Pignatelli on bass,” Hughes explains. “The song was part of the soundtrack for George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” movie. Also, Fabio was known to play Rickenbacker basses, among others. Additionally, and to keep with the Zombie theme, I am wearing a DeathStudios version of Verne Langdon’s iconic ‘Zombie’ mask. I don’t plan on doing this sort of thing very often, or even again, as it is very uncomfortable, impossible to see, and difficult to breathe.”

Happy Halloween!

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