Bass Gear Roundup: The Top Gear Stories in October 2017

Time to celebrate the reader favorite gear stories for the month. Here are your favorite 10 gear stories we covered in October.

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Geezer Butler Reveals New Ashdown Engineering Signature Head of Doom Amplifier

1. Geezer Butler’s New Ashdown Engineering Signature Head of Doom Amplifier

Geezer Butler shocked fans this weekend when he shared the news of his new signature amp from Ashdown. The Black Sabbath legend posted a promo shot of his new Head of Doom while writing, “This amp is the closest I have found to emulate the old school sound I had in the 70s with its…

Eastwood To Reissue Airline Pocket Bass

2. Eastwood’s Airline Pocket Bass Reissue

Eastwood Custom Shop is reintroducing another vintage bass with a remake of the Airline Pocket Bass. The short-scale bass, which GE Smith described as one of the best recording basses around, was a widely requested reissue for the company. “This time around we will fix a few of the originals short-comings,” they explained. “We’ll give…

De Gier Guitars Unveils The Lowlander Bass

3. De Gier Guitars Lowlander Bass

De Gier Guitars is paying tribute to a classic bass design with their new model called the Lowlander. Luthier Sander De Gier studied several vintage T-Birds to create an updated version with tweaks to improve its shortcomings. “One of the most prominent features is, of course, the 9 ply neck-through. It is a rigid construction…

Darkglass Electronics Unveils New Amp, Bass Cabinets

4. Darkglass Electronics New Amp and Bass Cabinets

Darkglass Electronics has a new rig to offer after announcing the Microtubes 500 bass head and expanding into the realm of cabinets with the DG210C and DG410C. The new head unit is the smaller brother of the Microtubes 900 and carries many of the same features at 500 watts and a lower price point. The…

D’Addario Introduces Bass Tool Kit

5. D’Addario Bass Tool Kit

Bassists looking to take care of their own instrument have a new set of tools to choose from. The D’Addario Bass Maintenance Kit includes a set of tools and cleaning equipment to keep your bass in shape. The case itself contains individual component compartments with pockets for extra strings and a magnet to hold loose…

Fodera Unveils Masterbuilt Series Woodblock Emperor II 5 Elite Bass

6. Fodera Masterbuilt Series Woodblock Emperor II 5 Elite Bass

Fodera has unveiled the latest in their Masterbuilt Series with the “Woodblock” Emperor II 5 Elite. Limited to four basses per year, the Masterbuilt series is described as the pinnacle of what their custom shop can produce. Woodblock was created as a collaborative design with Vinny Fodera and luthiers Vadim Medved and Patrick Blaney, who…

Acoustic Image Unveils the Upshot Speaker Cabinet

7. Acoustic Image Upshot Speaker Cabinet

Acoustic Image has turned their cabinet design upside down. The company – which features downward firing woofers in several of their products – has unveiled the UpShot, a compact speaker cabinet fitted with a single upward firing 10-inch woofer. “The UpShot is designed to be placed on the floor, close to the player so that…

GHS Strings Unveils Balanced Nickels Bass Strings

8. GHS Strings Balanced Nickels Bass Strings

GHS Strings has expanded their line of bass strings with the new Balanced Nickels set, which they describe as a combination of traditional string materials and modern string design. “Traditionally, bass strings are made by wrapping one cover wire around the core to create the G, two covers for the D and A, and three…

Darkglass Electronics Updates Microtubes B3K and Microtubes B7K Pedals

9. Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B3K and Microtubes B7K Pedal Updates

Darkglass Electronics has refreshed their flagship B3K and B7K pedals for 2017. The Microtubes B7K v2 and Microtubes B3K v2 retain their core circuitry for the Darkglass tone while upgrading features. “Fundamentally the Microtubes B3K is the same pedal we designed nearly a decade ago, aimed to give you a perfect combination of brutality and…

Esh Bass Guitars Available In North America

10. Esh Bass Guitars Now Available In North America

Esh Bass Guitars has announced their basses will now be available in the United States and Canada. The European manufacturer has been relaunched this year with a North American sales channel. “The Esh bass guitar brand is known for its innovative Eshtronics onboard electronics package as well as edgy and unique body stylings,” the company…

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