Keeley Electronics Introduces the Omni Reverb Pedal

Keeley Electronics Omni-Reverb PedalKeeley Electronics has expanded their pedal lineup with the Omni Reverb, which they describe as “a powerful two control Reverb that gives you all the classic sounds with set-and-forget Room, Spring, and Plate reverb effects.”

The streamlined pedal has two knobs- Dwell and Level – as well as a three-position switch for toggling between Room, Spring, and Plate reverbs. Each reverb is set with Keeley describing the Room as giving a small club space sound and the Spring as giving a natural and effortless sound. The Plate reverb is modeled after the emt140. “Low-end resonance takes over and high-end shimmer decays as this super smooth reverb sings out,” the company writes.

The Keeley Electronics Omni Reverb is available exclusively at for $129.

Keeley Electronics Omni Reverb Pedal Features:

3 Mode Reverb
Room – Spring – Plate
Dwell and Level
9VDC power supply required
70mA current draw

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