EarthQuaker Devices Announce Life Pedal V2

EarthQuaker Devices Life Pedal V2After the first version sold out almost immediately, Earthquaker Devices has unveiled the Life Pedal V2. The circuit is in a new, more traditional housing and has all the sounds of the original with a few more features.

“It offers the same circuit as the wildly popular version that was released in early 2019, but with the addition of expression pedal control over the octave blend and Flexi-Switch Technology on the relay-based true bypass footswitches,” the company writes. “Analog octave blending is another feature of this saturation monster.”

Earthquaker designed the Life Pedal with Sunn O))) to create the sonic character of their album Life Metal. It’s a distortion pedal with a blendable octave up and a booster. A three-way Clip knob lets you set the clipping between op Amp, Asymmetric, and Symmetric. “The ‘Magnitude’ section of Life Pedal is a simple all-discrete MOSFET booster designed to blast your preamp tubes and drive them wild,” EQD adds. “It is a 100% clean, no-nonsense, high impedance booster that adds very little color to your tone. It does not add distortion on its own but has plenty of output to push your amp into saturation.”

The Earthquaker Devices Life Pedal V2 will be shipping soon. It’s limited to 2,500 units and will carry a street price of $269.

Earthquaker Devices Life Pedal V2 Features:

Octave Knob
Expression Pedal Input
Distortion Control
Low Pass Filter
Amplitude Control
Clipping Switch: OpAmp, Asymm, Symm
Magnitude Control
Flexi-Switch True Bypass
Power: 9V battery or 9VDC

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