Utility Design Unveils the Vidami Online Video Foot Controller

Utility Design Vidami Online Video Foot Controller

YouTube and other online video sources have become a major source of information for musicians. Utility Design has announced a new piece of equipment to make utilizing online videos more streamlined.

The Vidami is a hands-free video looper that integrates with YouTube and other online video players. With footswitches to control playback, it lets you keep your hands on your instrument while rewinding, fast-forwarding, and even looping sections of a clip. It connects to your computer via USB and uses a Chrome extension to control YouTube.

“Easy to use, the Vidami features five clearly labeled switches that allow players to control play/pause, rewind, fast-forward, slow down tempo and loop functions,” a press release explains. “Holding the play switch down clears all previously selected functions while holding the rewind switch down moves playback to the beginning of the video.”

The Utility Design Vidami is available for order for $149.

Utility Design Vidami Online Video Foot Controller Features:

Control Pedal for Online Videos
Play/Pause, Back, and Forward Controls
Speed footswitch
Looping capability with independent footswitch

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