Music Nomad Announces FRINE Fret Polish Kit

Music Nomad FRINE Fret Polish KitMusic Nomad has a new product for getting the grime off of your frets. FRINE fret polish is designed to clean and polish all frets safely and quickly.

The kit comes with an ounce of the polish and three fretboard guards to fit small, medium, and jumbo fret sizes. It also includes a microfiber suede cloth specially designed for use with the polish.

The Music Nomad FRINE Fret Polish Kit is available now for $17.99.

Music Nomad FRINE Fret Polish Kit Details:

Fret Polish
3 GRIP Fretboard Guards
Microfiber Suede Cloth (Machine Washable)

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  1. Pete

    $59.95 for this? Maybe $19.95 would be more likely. Wouldn’t be surprised to see the price come down after selling only 3 of these.