Music Nomad Announces 6-Piece Precision Setup Gauge Set

Music Nomad 6-Piece Precision Setup Gauge SetMusic Nomad has expanded its line of utility kits with the 6-piece Precision Setup Gauge set. The tool kit comes with a truss rod gauge, pick capo, string action gauge, two radius gauges, and a nut height gauge to help you perfectly set up your bass or guitar. It also has a 24-page instructional booklet and carrying case.

“We asked 500 guitar and bass players, and 50% said they can’t or don’t set up their guitars, but 97% wanted to learn if it was simplified,” Music Nomad CEO Rand Rognlien says. “40% of them owned 10 or more guitars, so we saw a real need to help our guitar community.”

The kit is used to help set up a bass, electric, acoustic, and even classical guitar. Music Nomad is also launching a Setup Hub on their website to watch how-to videos and take free online zoom classes.

The Music Nomad 6-piece Precision Setup Gauge Set will be available in November for $59.99.

Music Nomad 6-piece Precision Setup Gauge Set Features:

Truss Rod Gauge
String Action Gauge
Nut Height Gauge
Two Radius Gauges
Pick Capo
24-page Instructional Booklet

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  1. Dezz

    $59.99 for this kit is highway robbery. You can buy the parts for far less and watch a You Tube video for instruction. A fair price would be $25 to me.