Sidewinder Introduces New “Twist-Proof” Straps

Sidewinder Guitar Strap

Sidewinder Guitar Straps has launched their product line with an innovative new guitar strap that fights twisting. The Sidewinder strap features a swivel coupling that resists twisting.

“If the strap begins to curl, it will automatically self-correct. Even when a guitar cord is passed through, any tangles just roll right out!” the company writes. “Every guitarist knows that strap twisting is a nuisance. Sidewinder allows the musician to simply unwind and play some music.”

The straps are built with a 2-inch width and are adjustable from 35 inches to 61 inches. The company is also offering an adaptor with the device that will connect to your existing strap.

Sidewinder Guitar Straps are available now from $42 to $57. Sidewinder’s Strap Adaptors retail for $25.

Sidewinder Strap Adaptor

Sidewinder Guitar Straps Features:


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