Darkglass Electronics Introduces Alpha Omega Ultra Pedal

Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra PedalLast year, Darkglass Electronics wowed NAMM-goers with the Alpha Omega. Now they’ve built upon the model with Alpha Omega Ultra, which they describe as “the most versatile bass preamplifier we’ve designed.”

Just like its predecessor, the Ultra has two distinct distortion circuits that can be selected or mixed as well as a dry blend knob to retain your original signal. There are Level and Drive knobs for dialing in the sound, plus Growl and Bite switches that are bass and high mid boosts, respectively. A noticeably new feature is its six-band graphic EQ, but there’s more underneath the surface.

It has a balanced direct output with a digital impulse-response cabinet emulation. The cab sim can be toggled on and off while a micro USB B connector allows you to hook the Alpha Omega Ultra up to a PC or Mac to load cabinet simulation impulse responses, as well as tweak other settings.

Other features include a Headphone output and 9V DC adapter power. The Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra will be shipping soon with a street price of $399.99.

Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra Pedal Features:

Two Distinct Distortion Circuits
6-band graphic EQ
Digital impulse-response cabinet emulation
Micro-USB B port
Bypass and Distortion footswitches
Headphone output
Switchable ground lift
Growl, Bite Switches

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