The Wood Brothers Release “One Drop of Truth”

The Wood Brothers: One Drop of TruthThe Wood Brothers have returned with their sixth album entitled One Drop of Truth. The 10-song album deviates from their previous efforts by presenting each song as its own masterpiece, diving into a variety of styles and influences.

“Often, when you’re making an album in the traditional way, there will be a unifying concept, whether that be in the approach to the music stylistically or lyrically in terms over the overall narrative. And even though there are some themes that revealed themselves later, this one is all over the place,” explains guitarist/vocalist Oliver Wood. “What I really love about this record is that each one of these songs has its own little world. There are diverse sounds and vibes from one track to the next.”

Bassist Chris Wood explains that the new direction came in part from the freedom of being able to get together to experiment. “Instead of going into one studio and recording it all at the same time, we picked a couple studios, and started to experiment,” he said. “Sometimes we’d just make demos of songs to see if we got anything we liked. There was no pressure, and that really freed us up. We just did one or two songs a day, put it aside, let the songs simmer, and then we’d have a fresh perspective on what was working or not working. You need time to go by to gain objectivity.”

Check out the video for their single, “Happiness Jones”, featuring some great bass playing and dance moves from Chris:

One Drop of Truth is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

One Drop of Truth Track List:

  1. River Takes the Town
  2. Happiness Jones
  3. Laughin’ Or Crying
  4. Strange As It Seems
  5. Sky High
  6. Seasick Emotions
  7. This Is It
  8. Sparkling Wine
  9. One Drop of Truth
  10. Can’t Look Away

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