Judas Priest Returns With “Firepower”

Judas Priest: FirepowerThe mighty Judas Priest has returned with Firepower, their 18th studio album and the first to be produced by Tom Allom since 1988’s Ram It Down. Of course, it also features the thunderous bass lines of Ian Hill.

Hill is the only original member of the band in the current lineup and has been on every record. In a new interview with AXS.com, Hill explained the new album has an old school feel thanks to recording it with all the members together.

“We actually went in there and played it live,” he said. “We were a little bit wary about that because when you play it together you can throw each other off sometimes. The last time we did things that way was probably Painkiller, where we just went in there and played like a band. We also ditched the click track as well, which was great. [Drummer Scott Travis] is a great time keeper so we didn’t really need it. Plus there are imperceptible tempo changes in certain parts of the songs. It just gives it a life this way that you don’t get with a mechanical beat and everything is perfect. When we went into the control booth to listen after the three of us finished recording before the vocals we sat there and thought, ‘Wow! This sounds really good!'”

Check out the music video for “Spectre”:

Firepower is available now on CD, vinyl and as a digital download (iTunes and Amazon MP3).

Firepower Track List:

  1. Firepower
  2. Lightning Strike
  3. Evil Never Dies
  4. Never The Heroes
  5. Necromancer
  6. Children of the Sun
  7. Guardians
  8. Rising From Ruins
  9. Flame Thrower
  10. Spectre
  11. Traitors Gate
  12. No Surrender
  13. Lone Wolf
  14. Sea of Red

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