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Stuart Clayton: “Merciless” Bass Tutorial and Transcription

Stuart Clayton is back with another transcription and tutorial, and it is killer.

“This video is a demonstration of Billy Sheehan’s killer bassline on the classic Mr. Big song ‘Merciless,'” Stuart shared. “The line was performed on a Yamaha Attitude Ltd bass, with the volume for each pickup turned up full. The P-bass pickup was recorded through the EBS Billy Sheehan Signature Drive pedal (version 2), set as follows: Drive – 7 o’clock, Tone – 2 o’clock, Level – 11 o’clock, Clean – Full. Comp was set to On and Phase was Normal. Once recorded, each channel was compressed further digitally, and some subtle EQ tweaks were made. This video also features fantastic session drummer Will Beavis.”

Grab the transcription from Stuart’s Bassline Publishing site and follow along with the video: