Darkglass Electronics Unveils Darkglass VST Plugin by Neural DSP

Darkglass Electronics Ultra VST Plugin

Darkglass Electronics has partnered with Neural DSP Technologies to create the Darkglass Ultra VST Plugin.

“We have spent the past 6 months developing circuit modeling and digital signal processing techniques,” Darkglass’s Franco Azocar explains. “Partnering with Neural DSP, our first product is a plugin modeled on Darkglass’ Ultra pedal series.”

The plugin models the Darkglass Microtubes Vintage and B7K Ultra circuits for use in DAWs. Besides emulating the tones and controls of the original pedals, the plugin has several features that come in handy in your software including input and output gain knobs, a link/unlink EQ switch, a stereo signal processing switch, a quality switch, a VDU/B7K switch, and a resize button.

The Darkglass Ultra Plugin is available now through the Neural DSP website for $99. A trial demo is also available.

Darkglass Ultra Plugin Features:

Emulates Darkglass Microtubes Vintage and B7K Ultra Pedals
Input and Output Gain knobs
Link/Unlink EQ Switch
Stereo Signal Processing Switch
Quality Switch
VDU/B7K Switch
Resize Button

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