Vovox Releases Sonorus XL Cables

Vovox Sonorus XL Series Cables

Vovox has announced the Sonorous XL series of cables, which they describe as a “top-of-the-line cable series is designed for both musicians and studios.” The Swiss cable company explains their new line is set apart from their Sonorous line by a crystalline structure of the large, solid-core copper conductors.

“As a consequence of their exceptional construction, the ‘sonorus XL’ cables are not for everyone,” Vovox founder Jurg Vogt admits. “The unusual stiffness of these sound conductors is a challenge. On the other hand, ‘sonorus XL’ has a lot to offer. The sonority, resolution, and dynamic range exceed what we had achieved in our previous ‘sonorus’ range of cables.” As such, Vovox suggests the Sonorus XL line be used in the studio and not for live situations.

Hear Vogt talk about the Sonorus XL with MusicStoreTV:

The instrument cables come ten feet in length with custom lengths available. Balanced cables come in lengths ranging from three feet to fifteen feet. Vovox’s Sonorus XL series was debuted at Musikmesse. U.S. pricing was not available at the time of this article, though Vogt mentioned a three-meter cable cost €380, or approximately $469.

Vovox Sonorus XL Series Cables Features:

Made in Switzerland
Extra large solid core conductors for signal and ground
Conductors made of the purest copper available
Natural fibers netting around every single conductor wire
Capacitance of merely 100 pF/m
VOVOX-typical cable construction with screen and separate conductor for ground
Choosing the right connector shape (angled or straight) ensures the highest durability
This cable is not suited for live use
Special handling care is recommended

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