Ortega Guitars Releases the QUANTUMloop

Ortega Guitars QUANTUMloop

Germany’s Ortega Guitars has unveiled the QUANTUMloop. The device is a looper pedal with a built-in multi-digital percussion stompbox featuring 16 factory samples plus four customizable sample slots.

The QUANTUMloop offers up to five minutes of loop time with an unlimited amount of overdubs. Other features include a solid mahogany wood housing, a trigger input, and controls for the dynamic velocity and seamless trigger volume.

The Ortega QUANTUMloop is available now for $299.99

Ortega Guitars QUANTUMloop Features:

Looper Pedal with Built-in Drum & Percussion Samples and Trigger Surface
Loop length: Up to 5 Minutes w/ Unlimited Number of Overdubs
16 pre-installed Percussion Samples Between Two Banks – A & B
4 User Slots for Custom Samples Via USB
Software for Uploads & Erase (free online download) – Mac & Windows
Solid Mahogany Wood Housing w/ Comfortable Ergonomic Design
Non-slip Bottom & Removable Foot Rest for Trigger Surface
In & Out ¼” Jack – True Discrete Pass-Though for Your Instrument
Trigger Input, Instrument Input and Seamless Looper Volume Control
Instrument Output, Dynamic Velocity On/Off Switch and Seamless Trigger Volume Control for Samples on Banks A & B
Includes 9V Power Supply

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