Mistweaver Effects Introduces Two New Pedals

Mistweaver Effects The Serpent and Forestry Pedals

Mistweaver Effects has launched their product line with two pedals: the Serpent Fuzz and the Forestry Overdrive. Made in Singapore, each unit is inspired by vintage gear with a twist.

The Serpent Fuzz is described as a take on the Green Russian Big Muff Pi with modern and functional upgrades. “The Serpent provides that throaty powerful saturation with lots of bottom end,” Mistweaver writes. “Its bass frequency output is unrivaled, making it an essential pedal for bassists.” Its features include your typical volume, gain, and tone knobs plus a mids contour toggle switch that voices the EQ between flat, scoop, and boosted mids.

You can hear The Serpent on bass at the 5:30 mark in this demo:

Mistweaver calls the Forestry a “Dumble-in-a-box”. It has two clipping options: symmetrical (which uses NOS Soviet-era Germanium diodes) or asymmetrical. It also has volume, gain, and tone controls as well as a presence knob that controls the harmonic overtones being driven.

The Mistweaver Serpent Fuzz and Forestry Overdrive are available for order now at $140 and $155, respectively.

Mistweaver Effects The Serpent Fuzz Pedal Features:

True Bypass switching system
Mids Contour toggle switch
Versatile fuzz machine – engulfing doom atmospheres on high gain settings to garage-y sounding fuzz on low-to-medium gain settings
Excels in the low end of the sound spectrum; ideal for bass guitar
Perfect for sludgy, downtuned riffs

Mistweaver Effects Forestry Overdrive Pedal Features:

True Bypass switching system
Organic and transparent sounding overdrive with tube-like response
Great touch sensitivity; very sensitive to picking dynamics and changes to the volume knob on the guitar
Plenty of gain on tap
Clipping toggle switch; symmetrical Germanium diode clipping and asymmetrical Silicon diode clipping
Presence control that allows for dialling in the perfect amount of highs to ensure compatibility with any amp

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