Pablo Elorza Publishes New Instructional Book, Patterns

Patterns by Pablo ElorzaWe have shared some great lessons and videos by Pablo Elorza on No Treble in the past. Now he’s released a new instructional book called Patterns that explains how small motifs can expand your vocabulary.

“A pattern is a small melodic idea that can be repeated, developed and adapted to any musical situation,” he writes. “Patterns seeks to explore the melodic horizons of each pattern and allow each musician to rhythmically and harmonically unfold the examples within this book and develop them into improvisational ideas in a musical context in accordance to their own personality and musicality. It’s meant to benefit musicians at any skill level since the examples encompass everything from basic, simple patterns to more complex ideas with added degrees of difficulty. In addition, the suggested rhythmic development allows you to explore even the simplest idea at its most advanced variant.”

Elorza, who is Argentinian, includes instruction in both English and Spanish for all the examples. Patterns is available now through his website in eBook and paperback versions (Ringed or Binder). Audio examples for practice each exercise is available for download with every format.

Patterns Features:

Paper version or e-book (downloadable) and all audio examples downloadable version (Mp3 – 320kbps) to practice
Available in Ringed, Binder, Ebook Downloadable (PDF) formats
Bilingual Edition (Spanish/ English) – 74 pages
Domestic & International Shipping Available

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