Seymour Duncan Unveils Fooz Analog Fuzz Synthesizer Pedal

Seymour Duncan Fooz Analog Fuzz Synthesizer Pedal

Seymour Duncan has unveiled a new analog fuzz synthesizer pedal for all instruments called the Fooz. The highly tweak-able circuit dishes out fuzz and filter effects.

“Inspired by iconic guitar tones and synth flexibility, Fooz delivers the spirit of synth creativity to guitar and bass players, as well as electronic musicians. It brings everything to the show – Fuzz, Wah, Trem, and so much more!” the company writes. “Real analog synths use different blocks (oscillator, Filter, LFO, Envelope) working together to create unique new sounds and textures. Combining these tools in one box and allowing them to interact with each other is the spirit of the Fooz.”

The Fooz starts off with a square-wave fuzz that allows your signal to be sculpted by other blocks. Next, you can set a low pass filter or a band pass filter that works similar to a wah pedal. Finally, the LFO (low-frequency oscillator) and Envelope follower add modulation. “The LFO can be used to control the overall volume and Filter frequency. The Envelope can control the Filter and the LFO Depth and Rate. With the addition of an external expression pedal (sold separately), most of the surface controls can be assigned as well,” Seymour Duncan explains.

Check out the Fooz intro video, which features the bass at the 1:20 mark:

The Seymour Duncan Fooz is available now for $349.

Seymour Duncan Fooz Analog Fuzz Synthesizer Pedal Features:

Analog Fuzz Synthesizer
Fuzz Level and Gain Controls
Filter Frequency and Resonance Controls
Bandpass or Low pass filter
LFO Depth, Speed, Wave, Shape controls
Enevelope Sensitivity Control
Tap Tempo Footswitch
External Expression Jack

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