Dunable Guitars Unveils The SplatterBlaster Pedal

Dunable Guitars SplatterBlaster PedalDunable Guitars and Chicago Music Exchange have collaborated to offer Dunable’s first ever pedal: the SplatterBlaster. The two-in-one stompbox is an all-analog circuit that brings together a fuzz and a distortion into one pedal.

It’s made for flexibility and can be routed as running two independent circuits in parallel or into two outputs. It also includes a clean signal blend control, which Dunable says makes it apt for both bass and guitar.

“The Splatter side is based on a classic superfuzz circuit, with an added boost, and the Blast side is an ornery distortion, not unlike a classic pedal heard on everything from classic shoegaze albums to Stockholm-based death metal, to Pink Floyd guitar solos,” they write.

Here’s a run-through of the pedal by Chicago Music Exchange. The bass portion starts at 3:05:

The Dunable Guitars SplatterBlaster is available for pre-order through Chicago Music Exchange for $299.

Dunable Guitars SplatterBlaster Pedal Features:

Mono or Stereo Effect Use
Fuzz/Distortion Sides
Blend Control Dials in Clean Signal

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