Steve Lawson’s “Beauty and Desolation” Now Available

Steve Lawson: Beauty and DesolationAfter releasing it to his Bandcamp subscribers last month, Steve Lawson has made his new album Beauty and Desolation available to the public. The improvised work is themed around beautiful things that are going to destroy us, says Lawson, and that brought out his melodic touch.

“The hip-hop influence that’s been [in my music] for the last few years is still very much central to a lot of it, but there’s also some of the more atmospheric playing that was last developed on the Small Is Beautiful subscriber-only album last year,” he explains. “The first and last tracks here are in similar space to that. But the big presence here is melody. Loads of it. Big long sprawling melodies.”

You can watch Lawson craft the gorgeous song “Language and Memory” live on the spot in this video. Besides his six-string Modulus bass, he uses a Keith McMillen Quneo pad controller to trigger the piano sounds.

Beauty and Desolation is available now on BandCamp.

Beauty and Desolation Track List:

  1. Beauty and Desolation
  2. Transcendence and Decay
  3. Out of the Ashes
  4. Sign Language
  5. Language and Memory
  6. No On Wants Reality Any More
  7. To End And To Begin Again

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