Damnation Audio Introduces Ugly Twin Pedal

Damnation Audio Ugly Twin PedalDamnation Audio has released the Ugly Twin, an all-analog pedal that combines octave, boost, and fuzz effects into one unit. Each section of the pedal has its own footswitch for engaging or disengaging the effects.

“The Ugly Twin sounds amazing on guitar and bass and is a killer all-in-one fuzz machine for punk, rock, metal, stoner, doom, indie, blues, grunge, and many more. Named after a song off their album “Shallow,” The Ugly Twin is the fruit of over a year of experimentation and has been vigorously road tested by multiple members of the band and designer Jeff Davis himself.”

The octave section has a high gain “ugly” switch for intermodulation distortion and gated fuzz tones, while the fixed-gain transistor boost has a level control. The Ugly Twin’s fuzz section has a three-band EQ and can be placed anywhere in the signal chain.

The Damnation Audio Ugly Twin is available now for $249.

Damnation Audio Ugly Twin Pedal Features:

An all-analog design
A discrete octave with a high gain “Ugly” switch
A fixed-gain transistor boost with a level control
A hybrid silicon/germanium fuzz design with a three-band tonestack
A fuzz design that allows for placement anywhere in you signal chain
An internal buffer on the output to prevent tone loss on long cable runs
Standard center negative 2.1mm 9V DC Jack

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