GR Bass ONE800 Bass Amp Now Available

GR Bass ONE800 Bass Amp

Italy’s GR Bass Amps are now available in the U.S., and they’re now shipping the GR Bass ONE800. The 800-watt bass amp offers lots of tonal tweaking with a four-band EQ section that includes three-way frequency switches for the Lo-Mid and Hi-Mid ranges. Deep and bright switches offer more general EQing while a Pure switch allows you to bypass all tone controls for a “‘straight-wire-with-gain’ approach to obtaining sonic purity.”

A strip of 24-LEDs above the controls acts as a tuner optimized for four, five, and six string tuners. Other features include a direct output with a front panel level control, a mute switch, an effects loop, dual SpeakON combo jacks, a fan with a silent switch mode, and a 9-volt power supply for up to 5 pedals. Altogether, the amp weighs 6 pounds.

The GR Bass ONE800 head is shipping now with a street price of $799.

GR Bass ONE800 Bass Amp Features:

Power: 800W
“Pure Sound” Technology: excludes preamp for direct bass tone
EQ: Bass, Treble and Mid Controls (6 Selectable Low and High Mid Frequencies)
Deep & Bright Filters
Antibump on the DI Output
9V DC Output to Power Bass Pedals
Integrated High Precision Tuner (24 Colored Led)
Fans Can Be Turned off for Studio Sessions
Integrated High Quality Headphone Amplifier
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