Mr. Big Planning Final Album Before Disbanding

Mr. Big (2017)

After reforming the original lineup nearly a decade ago, Mr. Big is looking to call it quits after one more album. The band, anchored by bass master Billy Sheehan, has become incomplete since drummer Pat Torpey’s death due to complications of Parkinson’s disease. Vocalist Eric Martin told Rock Radio N1 that it would be “uncomfortable” to continue without Torpey.

“I’m the one getting everyone together for conference calls and e-mails and what we want to do. I really want to do [one more album] and I want to spend more than six days on it like we did with [2017’s] Defying Gravity,” Martin said. “I want to be a little more prepared. I want to do a new record and I also want to have a couple of different drummers on it—ones that Pat really liked; maybe Mike Portnoy, Gregg Bissonette, Ray Luzier from Korn, I really like his playing. Just get some great drummers to do something to honor Pat Torpey.”

Mr. Big last toured in 2017 with Matt Star handling the majority of the drum work. Sheehan has been staying busy with the other band, Sons of Apollo.

Check out Mr. Big from their latest release, Live From Milan, performing “Colorado Bulldog”:

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