Kevin Scott’s WAXpaper Releases Debut Album

WAXpaperGov’t Mule bassist Kevin Scott’s discography is a long list that includes albums with John McLaughlin, Jimmy Harring, Gary Husband, FORQ, Donny McCaslin, Col Bruce Hampton, and many more. However, he’s just released his first album as a leader with the self-titled debut from WAXpaper.

The 16 tracks come together as a cohesive sonic journey, partly because that’s how much of it started out. Scott held a regular improv jam session in Atlanta during the early 2010’s. The sessions became better and better, leading the bassist to book a six-hour improv session with drummer Darren Stanley and keyboardist Spencer Pope at Diamond Street Studios. Over time, Scott diced up the session and built upon the grooves.

Fellow musicians Emil Werstler, Carter Arrington, and Zach Piles were added to the mix as well as well as vocalist Sasha Masakowski, who delivers ethereal vocals over the oftentimes gritty soundscapes. Scott and his cohorts are clearly musicians with “big ears,” as the unique soundscapes blend jazz, metal, reggae, electronica, and more.

The bassist/bandleader shared his excitement for the release on Instagram.

“I’m beyond excited to announce that my debut album as a leader ‘WAXpaper’ is finally out on 29th Street Editions. This album started taking shape 7 years ago!” He states. “Thank you Jason Kingsland for the long hours you put in helping me create this sonic, psychedelic ear candy. Thanks to my long term musical terrorist collaborators Darren Stanley, Spencer Pope, Emil Werstler, Carter Arrington, Zach Pyles, and Sasha Masakowski for being the best in the world. Vinyl release coming soon!”

Scott previously released the single “JMAKN06,” but I also want to share one of my favorite cuts from the album – “Goat Farm”. Hear them both below:

WAXpaper is streaming now on Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Scott is currently playing tons of gigs in New Orleans for JazzFest, so be sure to look for him if you’re in the area.

WAXpaper Track List:

  1. Valdosta George
  2. Undercarriage
  3. Bushwood
  4. Imitate
  5. Magnolia Interlude 1
  6. Five Spot
  7. El Myr
  8. Magnolia Interlude 2
  9. Werstler
  10. JMAKN06
  11. Euclid
  12. Goat Farm
  13. Diamond
  14. Draasuorb Cram Shitshow
  15. Swansea Poser
  16. Shape and Purpose

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  1. Bryan Owczarzak

    Could you please check your spelling on Jimmy Harring (Herring) in this article?