Prophets of Rage: The Ballot or the Bullet

Prophets of Rage have released a new video called “The Ballot or the Bullet” that teases their upcoming album with a mashup of three unreleased tracks plus the new single “Heart Afire.” Taken from a Malcolm X speech about black voter rights, the video is a reminder of the importance of voting.

“There are people trying to keep many of us from being able to vote,” a band statement read. “Don’t squander the rights we’ve fought so hard to get. Agitate, Organize, resist and rebel before, during and after Election Day. In the words of Malcolm X, ‘It’s got to be the ballot or the bullet.'”

The new Prophets of Rage album (their second) is already completed. Bassist Tim Commerford told Finland’s Kaaos TV that it’s an expansion on their sound. “It’s a different direction, it’s not the same, and I love that… We’re growing and we’re creating and we’re going in a new territory and I feel really good about it.”

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  1. eddie chicago

    I did not come to this site to be threatened by hateful, racist ,leftist, wanna be musicians. The message is intended to foster rage against God ,Family, and Country. You are complicit since you are promoting this under the guise of great bass playing. I’m off of this site. Every other real bassist should do the same.

  2. Lgk

    Bull shit! Why does this shit even get considered. When the left behaves badly we as a society have rules and laws. When they reap these laws they complain at the result. Insighting rage does nothing