Rougarou Pedals Releases The Umibozu Fuzz Pedal

Rougarou Pedals Umibozu Fuzz PedalRougarou Pedals has unveiled their latest creation called The Umibozu. The fuzz box, which is suited for bass and guitar, is inspired by a mythical beast.

“The Umibozu is a yokai, a supernatural Japanese folklore creature, known to capsize ships of sailors that anger or insult them, and it inspired a unique fuzz pedal that can cover all the ground between distortion and fuzz,” owner Nathan Heck writes. Its enclosure is designed by Kara Heck with artwork inspired by Japanese woodblock prints.

Rougarou writes that the pedal’s drive section adds a “crushing wave of dirt” that sounds open, rather than pinched or compressed. The tone control works alongside the drive to create a wide palette of textures. They also add that clarity is still a focus of the pedals and that the attack is never lost, even with the drive maxed.

Check out these demos of the Umibozu on bass:

The Rougarou Pedals Umibozu is designed and built by hand in Hammond, Louisiana. It’s available now with a price of $150.

Rougarou Pedals Umibozu Fuzz Pedal Features:

LED based fuzz
Simple three-knob layout (Drive, Volume, Tone)
Buffered Input and Output
Reverse Polarity Protection
True Bypass
Power: 9V Supply
Designed and built by hand with love in Hammond, LA

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