MXR Releases the Vintage Bass Octave Pedal

MXR Vintage Bass Octave PedalMXR has announced the Vintage Bass Octave, a pedal they say gives the classic octaver circuit with modern upgrades like superior tracking, cleaner headroom, and versatility. The new stompbox is also housed in a compact chassis to save room on your pedalboard.

“The voice of the Vintage Bass Octave is rich and throaty, and it comes in two forms—one octave down and two octaves down,” the company writes. “Each can be dialed in separately with the Oct 1 and Oct 2 volume controls, and with a Dry volume control to dial in your clean signal, you can concoct just the right blend for your rig. For extra clarity and definition, use the Mid switch to boost your clean signal’s midrange at 800Hz by +6dB.” An internal trim pot allows for boosting as much as +13dB.

The Vintage Bass Octave also features MXR’s Constant Headroom Technology, which is a custom circuit to provide clean headroom by producing 18 volts from a 9-volt power source. It will be available soon with a street price of $159.99.

MXR Vintage Bass Octave Pedal Features:

Based on a classic sub-octave circuit
Updated for superior tracking, quieter performance, and cleaner headroom
Separate volume controls for one-octave-down, two-octave-down, and clean signals
Mid switch boosts clean signal’s midrange at 800Hz by up to +13dB
Constant Headroom Technology for clean, crystal clear headroom
Pedalboard-friendly MXR mini housing
Includes Dunlop ECB003 9-volt AC Adapter

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  1. Mark

    Reviews on anything musical without audio or video samples are pointless. Why the hell would I want to read about how great this pedal sounds? Show me, let me hear it.

  2. This was an announcement, not a review, you fucking moron.