Singular Sound Releases the Cabli Cable Winder

Cabli Cable WinderSingular Sound, creators of the BeatBuddy drum machine, have unveiled a new product called the Cabli. The device aims to solve cable management by easily wrapping them into storage in seconds.

“Cables stored using the Cabli take up less space when stored in your gig bag or on your cable rack (using our included clip),” the company explains. “When you need to use your cable again, the Cabli lets you draw the perfect length, keeping your play or recording space neat and tidy.”

It can be used with 1/4-inch instrument cables, XLR cables, SpeakOn, and more. The Cabli can hold up to 30 feet of braided cable and 20-feet of rubber cable while its built-in detangler automatically detangles your cord while you wind. Check out the company’s intro video:

The Cabli is available now with an introductory price of $16.97 and a regular price of $29.97.

Cabli Cable Winder Features:

Built-in pinch preventer ensures that the bend in the center of your cable is not too narrow, protecting your cables from damage.
Holds any audio cable including 1/4?, XLR, MIDI, Right Angle, SpeakOn, and more.
Can hold up to 30? of braided cable and 20? of rubber cable.
Built in detangler automatically detangles as you wind.
Included clip lets you hang the Cabli on your gig bag or cable rack.
Durable plastic shell keeps your cable protected, helping to extend your cable’s life.
Included handle and 2 sided mid-plate wind both ends of your cable at the same time, resulting in lightning quick winding times.
Weight: 10 ounces

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  1. Ernie Diaz

    where to buy? Is it not in production yet? Like to get some at the introduction price.