Singular Sound Announces BeatBuddy Mini 2 Drum Machine Pedal

BeatBuddy Mini 2 Drum Machine PedalSingular Sound has expanded their compact drum machine pedals with the BeatBuddy Mini 2. Building upon its predecessor, the new pedal offers twice as many beats, improved sound quality, a reworked LED layout, and a new ergonomic footswitch.

The BeatBuddy Mini 2 comes with 9 drum sets, 24 genres, over 200 styles, and can be set to any time signature. It has 16-bit sound with recordings and samples of professional drummers for a realistic jam experience.

The BeatBuddy Mini 2 is available now for $149.

BeatBuddy Mini 2 Drum Machine Pedal Features:

9 drum sets
24 genres
200+ styles
All time signatures
High-quality 16-bit sound
Recordings of professional drummers
Use with any sound system including headphones

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