One Control Introduces the Blue 360 Bass Preamp Pedal

One Control Blue 360 Bass Preamp PedalJapanese pedal company One Control has just announced the Blue 360, a bass preamp pedal created in collaboration with pedal designer Björn Juhl. The new unit is part of their Amp-in-a-box (AIAB) series and is made to reproduce the sound of the Acoustic 360 preamp.

“The new Blue 360 can instantly give your modern, high tech amp the response of ’70s-era high-powered transistor amp, delivering a bass tone that fits in perfects with high-density, powerful band sounds–especially those with high volume, distorted guitar–making it a great option for classic rock, punk, etc.” One Control writes.

A switch on the side of the Blue 360 is marked 0dB / -18dB for setting the master volume. “All boost is set by the Volume control,” they explain. “At the -18 dB setting, cranking Volume to full will deliver a similar level to bypass mode, allowing you to set the pedal to create distortion tones when on, while keeping your signal at the same volume whether the pedal is on or off. At the 0dB setting, the output level will increase as you turn up the Volume until you reach 360mV of clean sound or 600mV of distorted tone.”

It also has a three-band EQ for dialing in your tone. The One Control Blue 360 Bass Preamp carries a street price of $169. It will be available soon in the U.S. through SFM distributing.

One Control Blue 360 Bass Preamp Pedal Features:

VOL: Adjusts the overall volume. In -18 dB mode, unity gain is at max setting.
TREBLE: -26 dB to +20 dB @ 3 kHz
MID: -15 dB to +6 dB @ 600 Hz
BASS: -26 dB to +6 dB @ 32Hz
Side switch: Turns -18 dB mode ON / OFF
Input impedance: 250K
Output impedance: <2K
Current consumption: 1.5mA @ 9V
Weight: Approx. 160 grams
True-Bypass Switching
High Quality Aluminum Enclosure
Power: 9V Battery or Standard DC Power Supply

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  1. George Grexa

    What a Joke…….. Keep your money guys. The Legendary 360/361 bass amp, is the Holy Grail, it is a sum of all it’s parts, The Pre-amp. the cab, the cabinet, the Power Amp, and at night the Pixies came in dusted it with magic dust. The only amp thet takes it’s place is the New 360/361 By Acoustic USA, designed by Russ Allee……… Himself, Harvey Gerst, Mark Jameson and my self, no Box is gonna give you that sound What a Joke. Ask JPJ or Jaco, or Flea, or Dorian Heartsong, ETC.

    • JKF

      The 360 was all about power. And transformers. And weird, bulky speaker cabs. There is no preamp that can be plugged in to class D amp to get that sound.