Amazing Journey: Young Man Blues

Billy Sheehan recently shared a video he did with Amazing Journey, Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy’s all-star tribute to The Who. The band included Sheehan, Portnoy, Paul Gilbert, and Gary Cherone.

“A WHO tribute I did a few years ago… Those shows were such a blast,” Sheehan shared. “I threw my back out prior to the first show and had to wear a back brace. So I was actually standing straight up with very little movement (very painful situation!), and it gave the impression that I was trying to mimic Entwistle’s sometimes stoic stage manner—unintended consequences! John was a huge influence on me, and my playing. Early Talas “specialized” in performing WHO songs, so I was somewhat prepared for most songs in this show. We should do it again sometime!”

Here’s a clip from the show, with the band performing “Young Man Blues.”

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