Death By Audio Introduces the Total Annihilation 2 Pedal

Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation 2 PedalDeath By Audio was launched in 2002 with the concept for a single pedal: the Total Sonic Annihilation. Now they’ve revisited the feedback looper with the introduction of the Total Sonic Annihilation 2, which takes the original circuit and adds new functionality and controls.

“The TSA2, like its predecessor, works on a simple premise: what if effect pedals were patched back into themselves?” the company shared. “What does it sound like for a filter to be multiplied by infinity? Or if your modulator was modulating its own modulations? The TSA2 creates a controllable feedback loop, causing your pedals to cycle back on themselves, feeding the output back into the input as much or as little as you want. Experience true sonic exploration: every unique pedal array will produce a vast world of textures and possibilities.”

The pedals have a regular input and output with an effects loop controlled by a large feedback knob. It adjusts the amount of signal that is forced from the Send to the Receive jacks. An active boost is also on the loop to create its own sounds if nothing is plugged into the loop. Other controls include an On switch for the active boost circuit, a Phase switch, a Gain knob, and a Limit knob.

Although it’s on guitar, you can get an idea of how the Total Annihilation 2 gets its name with this demo:

The Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation 2 is available now for $250.

Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation 2 Pedal Features:

Feedback Loop
Active Boost Circuit with On/Off Switch
Phase Switch
Gain, Limit Knobs
Dimensions: 4.7″ x 2.7″ x 2.5″ (includes knobs and jacks)
Weight: 11.1 oz.
Power: 9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter or included 9V battery).
Current Draw: 5 mA.

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  1. Trey Smith

    I’m officially old

    • WC

      because you “dont get it,” or because you remember the first TSA coming out?

      I’m old for the latter reason : )

  2. WC


    i remember talking about the virtues/non virtues of the OG TSA on, seems like yesterday. i really miss those days, that era, that internet.

    also the “pawn shop specials” i could get back then would blow kids minds today. ever seen a 60s mustang for 400 bucks?
    i have, and i didnt buy it : P

    wow, what an unexpected nostalgia trip! still a cool pedal.